I don’t want my girlfriend to know I am using Viagra

Many people joke about Viagra and for this reason, a very useful and effective drug has become something of a talking point. This is a great pity as some men now feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit that they are using Viagra or some similar drug. Some men even keep it a secret and so do not let their sexual partner know that they are using Viagra. If this is something that you are hiding from your girlfriend, this article is especially for you.

Why use Viagra?

Viagra can be used by any man that is having problems gaining an erection. You may have been to your doctor and been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotency or you may just feel that you need a ‘boost’ in the bedroom department. Viagra is a pill that works on the body to assist the flow of blood to the penis, thus giving a natural erection when you need it.

I feel embarrassed to admit I need Viagra

Literally millions of men worldwide use Viagra or some similar drug. It is easy to use and obtain and can enable you to take part in sexual intercourse whilst you are having impotency problems. You should not feel embarrassed at all to use a drug like Viagra as it is just a medical treatment for a health problem, like many other prescription medicines. Any man can be affected by ED and so many need to use Viagra or similar treatments. This is not something that has targeted just you so you are in no way unique or different or odd just because you need to use Viagra.

Should I confide in my sexual partner that I use Viagra?

Yes, absolutely. You should tell your girlfriend of sexual partner that you are having temporary problems and that using Viagra will enable you both to continue to enjoy a normal sex life until the cause of your erectile dysfunction disappears or is treated. Because there are a great many reasons for your having ED, sometimes you may get over the episode of ED quickly or sometimes it may take a little longer. When you visit your doctor for advice and a diagnosis, consider taking your partner with you so that they can join in with the conversation and feel that it is a problem to be shared, not shouldered by you alone. You should never feel that you need to hide your problem away or pretend that you do not have ED. It is something that men suffer from, get treated and then recover from. Even if you have a long term medical condition or illness that is causing your impotency, the medical industry has many ways of treating ED and of enabling you to have a normal sex life in spite of it.

Tell your girlfriend that you are using Viagra and get through your problems together. You may even find that sharing your concerns enhances your relationship rather than detracts from it.

Viagra was the First- But is it the Best?

first-placeThe diamond-shaped blue lozenge was the very first oral treatment for ED-Erectile Dysfunction. It had a head start on all its later rivals and therefore has bragging rights when it comes to being the first kid on the ED Block. But with other oral ED pills on the market, is it the best?

There are two things to consider. Firstly what do you consider “best”, and secondly how does your body react to the pill- and to the other anti-ED treatments on the market?

If you consider “best” to be the hardest penile erections, then because all oral treatments work on your body in similar ways, it’s unlikely that you would see a difference between Viagra and Cialis and Levitra- the three main drugs for ED. That said, some men swear that Viagra gives you more body to your erection.

If you consider “best” to be a drug that lasts for a day or more, then Viagra is not the one for you. It has a window of activity for 1-5 hours, then tails away quite quickly. You are unlikely to be able to enjoy the effects of one pill for more than one or two sexual bouts of activity. For most people that is not a deal-breaker.

Finally, if you consider “best” to be the anti-ED drug that gives you less side effects, then you need to move on to the second thing to consider- how your body reacts to the drug. We are all individuals and although the drug is likely to “work” for 80% of men, the side effects it may produce vary from none whatsoever, to those that actually prevent enjoyment of the sexual act- defeating the purpose of taking the pill in the first place!

You should have discussed your ED with your GP first because he or she will want to make sure it is safe for you. Some combinations of medications and/or medical conditions make this and other ED treatments unsuitable, and even dangerous. But assuming it has been prescribed for you, it is then for you to take the pill, and see what side effects, if any, occur, and if they do occur, if they are sufficiently debilitating to make you want to stop taking the pill.

Some men experience no side effects whatsoever while most other experience relatively minor side effects, such as some nasal congestion, a flushed face, headaches, some visual changes (commonly a blue tint) or an upset stomach. These will be well known to you doctor and these can be discussed with him or her to see if you should try another drug, or perhaps lessen the dose.

Viagra has certainly earned a reputation for being the first and the foremost oral treatment for ED. It has been extensively tested and been in use for getting on for over 15 years now. It should arguably be the top of your list when considering an oral ED treatment. But discuss it with your doctor first!

Is Pfizer the Miser or is Pfizer the Wiser?

In that tongue twisting title, the writer asks the reader to think for a moment about each side of an ongoing debate concerning Pfizer and its #1 selling ED drug, Viagra (Sildenafil). Depending on which side you choose, either Pfizer is a megalith that cannot be stopped, or a company that uses its power and clout to make the lives of millions of humans around the world just a little better.


In an article for the CNN Money by John Simons, he states that Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world, has managed to stay competitive and high on earnings. According to the report, Fortune 500 named Pfizer a “35-billion dollar a year business”. Revenue that year actually increased to 48 billion. Viagra is a leading prescription drug for Pfizer, but certainly not the only one. Other names appear on their drug short list, such as Zoloft, Zyrtec, and Zithromax. Mr. Simon states that those and the other big hitters on the list are seeing double-digit sales increases. (CNNMoney, 2013)

Staying ahead of the pack

Pfizer, who has Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs chomping at the bit to crack the market wide open, has developed a new strategy. In addition to the competition from other ED drug makers, Pfizer faces rigorous battles with online pharmacies and the like. To counteract that pendulum swing, Pfizer announced in May that it would begin selling its flagship Viagra via its own website. They may have hit gold again, because one the story leaked, it was one of the most viewed on the LA Times website (Whtfield, 2013) According to Mr. Whitfield, Pfizer further stated that only 3% of the online pharmacies were legitimate, and that deplorable conditions existed in most and the inactive ingredients ranged from printer ink to wall board.

The good news in all of this

Laura Petrecca of USA Today reported that in May of 2009, Pfizer offered to cover the cost of up to 70 of its most popular medications to those who were unemployed and could not afford their meds. (Petrecca, 2009) If you recall, 2009 was a time when the nation suffered severe monetary uncertainty and unemployment was close to all new highs. Although Pfizer is a billion dollar heavy hitter, it is because of that status that Pfizer was able to help when times got bad for its customers.

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Viagra – Viagra Impacting the Body

physiologicalThere are a lot of ways that Viagra impacts the body and you need to be aware of all of them before you start to really get into the industry and taking the drugs too much. Thankfully, all the things that Viagra does to impact the body are generally good. This means that you can get over all of your impotence problems with the quick use of Viagra in order to make it happen. At the end of the day, you’ll be in a much better position if you are able to do that the right way.

Make sure you are doing everything in your power to maintain the right body movement that you need in order to have a very good time in the short term. If you aren’t focused on putting yourself into the short term situation, you’re going to find a lot of pain at the end of the day. There are many ways you can get over this problem and Viagra is one of the best solutions that anyone has found so far that can help you with this endeavor.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make sure Viagra is not going to impact your life in a way that is negative to you and can be disastrous. In almost no cases, men have had this problem so you are safe from that perspective. However, from another perspective things are a bit more useful – you need to use this as a short term relief rather than a long term method of solving your problem. So long as you understand that aspect of life, you’ll be well off and in the right direction for yourself in the future. Just do these things and you will be in much better shape at the end of the day.

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